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1. Sign up to make Skitter TV available to your customers

Skitter TV is a turnkey service with minimal membership affiliation investment and built-in technology evolution without additional investment. Through the facilities of affiliated local telcos, Skitter’s top-of-the-line cable TV offering is made available to the telco’s customers, and you may bundle Skitter TV* with your phone and internet services for a great competitive triple-play – without the costly overhead of developing and delivering your own video offering.

2. Install Skitter’s industry-leading video equipment

Skitter owns and operates the video headend, located at the Aureon facility in Des Moines, IA. Skitter works with affiliated local telcos to provide and install the equipment needed to receive the Skitter TV signals at the telco location. Skitter pays the telco for customer acquisition and billing, use of last-mile connectivity to subscribers, and use of trucks for customer service. These fees, in addition to revenue from STBs and feature fees, allow affiliated telcos to transition to a profitable video option.

3. Promote availability of Skitter TV

Get the word out to your customers! Let them know about the availability of Skitter TV in your market, in relationship with you – a company they know and trust, one that has long-standing relationships with the community. Let them know that Skitter TV gives them all the channels they want, at the price-points they need, with superior picture quality and signal reliability – and keep the satellite & cable companies out of your customer base!

*Skitter TV retail pricing is set by Skitter Cable TV, Inc., and may not be discounted by affiliated member companies as part of any sales promotion or bundle.

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