Skitter Cloud ACS 2018-01-09T19:57:07+00:00

Improve service levels

Reduce truck rolls

Increase upsell

Easy device onboarding

Intuitive self-install & registration, automated processes

Flexible configuration management

Match to service subscriptions, CPE type, location, etc.

Real-time support

Click-to-fix resolution of connection & performance issues
Real-time visibility into status of connected devices

Policy-driven firmware management

Batch mode schedule and fault controls

Remote connectivity

Real-time access to connected devices

Service analytics

Monitor/improve customer service metrics

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Skitter CHARIOT Core

Remote management of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
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Skitter CHARIOT Care

WiFi Management & Precision Diagnostics
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Skitter CHARIOT Home

Subscriber self-care, bundled web portal & mobile app
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