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Finally, there’s a way to profit from video!

  • Skitter TV has introduced a very cost effective solution for the distribution of high quality video programming.
  • Skitter TV, for the first time, offers local telephone, broadband and cable service providers a means of realizing actual profits from delivering video.
  • Skitter TV is generally available throughout the Continental United States.
  • Skitter TV manufactures, owns and operates Internet protocol television (IPTV) cable systems installed on the Members’ premises.
  • Skitter TV’s is typically just a half-rack of hardware located at the Member’s location and is remotely monitored and managed from Skitter TV’s Network Operations Center. The Skitter TV system includes encryption, middleware, emergency alert, and content rights – everything needed for a top quality video system.
  • Members provide space for the Skitter hardware, inbound and outbound connectivity, and support for marketing and billing.
  • Skitter TV is the perfect alternative to expensive satellite and cable TV. It delivers all the latest features; plus, some that the big guys will never offer, like high school channels.
  • Skitter TV is likely compatible with your current set-tops. Name your favorite: Amino, Entone and very soon ADB.
  • In 2015, Skitter TV joined forces with Iowa Network Services (INS). INS is a statewide cooperative fiber optic network that serves 330 Iowa communities and 127 Independent Telecommunications Companies in Iowa.
  • Skitter owns and operates a redundant national master headend on the premises of INS in Des Moines, IA.
  • From the Skitter-INS headend we are able to interconnect with multiple state and national fiber networks. Today the Skitter–INS partnership has contracted to serve over 75 member companies nationwide. It’s just beginning.
  • From Skitter’s master headend we distribute a wide array of video programming from the most popular national cable and sports channels, regional sports, local broadcast channels and even locally produced town hall, church and high school channels.
  • Skitter TV is a full turnkey service with a minimal up-front membership fee. That’s it!
  • Skitter TV’s and its Members’ income is derived from a simple profit share based on subscription fees. Members enjoy other profit from enhanced features such as HD and DVR fees, Caller-ID and others.
  • Skitter TV negotiates retransmission agreements with local broadcasters, secures content agreements from national providers and handles regulatory filings. We form the content packages and handle the payment of all programming fees.
  • In addition to content licensing, Skitter TV handles all the other licensing necessary for the IPTV operation. That includes licenses for such things as encryption, program guides, and middleware.  And when there are technology updates, Skitter TV handles those at no additional cost to Members… The Skitter TV system is essentially “Future-Proofed!”

  • Testimonial

    We definitely made the right choice for our IPTV system.

    Jack Jones / General Manager, IAMO Telephone Company

    From low initial cost to headache free operations to excellent video quality -- Skitter TV has done the job.

  • Testimonial

    We looked at numerous IPTV providers and options before ultimately choosing Skitter TV.

    Kevin Osterbur / General Manager, Alhambra-Grantfork Communications

    No one else came close in terms of cost, and quality of service has been great. We, and our customers, are highly satisfied with the service.

  • Testimonial

    Skitter TV handles all IPTV operations for us technology, upgrades, content rights, everything.

    Ray Joy / Vice President/General Manager, Southeast Nebraska Communications

    It was about a quarter of the cost of a self-build and the video quality is great.

About Us

Skitter TV founders and key employees are seasoned veterans of the cable television industry and have expertise in the technology as well as content rights.

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